27 November 2011

Oh dear, what can the matter be?

Unfortunately, at approximately at about 2.15 pm today, my computer stuck it's virtual thumb up it's virtual bottom and stopped working.   Gordons says I have been mixing with the wrong sort , and picked up some sort of disease!   I can borrow his little Acer notepad to access my blog and others, but at the moment, I have no idea how to access my e-mails, so please excuse me for not replying to your e-mails.  I can respond to you comments on my blog though, but who goes back to a post once read?  You could always send me a message on Flickr (quiltova).

The painting of the lounge is going well.   The main wall behind the fire is, well..... it's LOUD.    The first  coat is very streaky, but I hope think it's going to be OK.   We are going to need more mood lighting though!

On a more grumpy note - does anyone out there work for, or has a friend or family member who works for Ryanair.  If so, please could I very nicely ask you to go up to them and kick their ankles very hard.   Thank you!  Yesterday I booked a flight to the UK next March.  Unfortunately, I failed to notice that I had booked the flight for a Dianne Neak, not Dianne Neale.  I do know the implications of making a mistake on a Ryanair booking.   Basically you may as well give them a credit card and let them take anything they want.  But do you know how much it will cost me to correct the name?  On a flight that started off at 51 Euro, was 95 euro by the time I'd paid for a suitcase, and paid by credit card (what other way is there to pay?), the extra charge for correcting my name is 110 Euro.    No I haven't made a typo, it's 110 Euro.  It's cheaper to book another flight, which they probably bank on you doing.   Why is the original administration fee only 6 Euro, but to correct a name it is nearly 20 times more expensive. Now I accept I stupidly made a mistake, which I must pay for, but 110 Euro - they really do take the p**s.  I hate Ryanair, and the way they conduct business.  If I could use another company I would.  I hate them.  I don't use them because they're cheap, but because, where I live,  there is really is no choice, other than not flying at all.   Thank you for listening, I feel very slightly better for venting my spleen! 

So I'm off now to sulk a bit longer!

25 November 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I haven't posted on Favourtie Things Friday for a couple of weeks as we've been away, and I really wanted to get back into it.  But honestly, I've had an uninspiring week.  The weather is bleeuurrgh and I've felt bleeuuggh (post holiday and post snotty cold), and I couldn't think of anything I vaguely liked, let alone loved enought to be my favourite! 

But this afternoon we drove over to the paint shop to buy some paint for the lounge, and look what we came home with

The photo doesn't really do it justice, beacause it is THE most beautiful, rich fushcia colour you could imagine.  And it's so unlike anything we would normally choose.  In fact I don't know how we both agreed on a colour like this!    This is what it might look like on the wall

No, it definitely doesn't look as nice as it is.   It is gorgeous.  I hope I still think it is when the whole wall is done!

Guess what we're doing this weekend!

23 November 2011

Gee, but it's great to be back home!

Just got back from a week's hols in Egypt.   Fortunately no problem with any riots, just a lot of wind.   Provided you could hunker down in a sheltered spot, it was lovely.   No washing, no housework, no work.  What more could I ask.  There are hundreds of photos of nothing very much - I'm taking bribes not to show them all to you!  What is it worth?

The animals seem rather pleased to be home too

Funny how the little dog gets the big bed and everyone else is on the smaller one!

Not much to report whilst we were away, other than my freinds daughter, who was due to have a baby around about the 10th December, had him on the 15th November.   Ruairi came 4 weeks early and was still 7 1/2 lbs.  He would've been a monster had he gone full term!   The early arrival left me with my proverbial pants round my ankles, as none of the planned goodies were ready.   I have, however, managed to get the Pips quilt top pieced today.

But I hadn't got around to ordering the batting, thinking I had plenty of time, so I ordered it today, and will have to wait for it's arrival.  I supposed I could get on with the binding.

I also managed to 3/4 finish a little crocheted romper suit whilst I was away.  The pattern called for 4 balls, so I bought 5 just in case, and now I need that 5th ball, can I find it anywhere?  Nope.  Photos to follow.

Off to search for that ball of wool now.  Nice to be back!

13 November 2011

A walk in the park

We took the dogs for a lovely walk last weekend.  The sun was shining, the autumn colours were splendid, and I was able to do some serious leaf kicking!

Here's a few photos

Are we going yet?

Have you ever seen grapes growing on trees?

Ship shape and ready for winter

All those leaves, just waiting to be kicked!

Already kicked!
The only thing with photos is that you can't share the wonderful autumny, damp, fusty smell.

11 November 2011

Pine Needles

This weeks practice run on Free Motion Friday is called Pine Needles.   The name, at least is a vast improvement on last week's stomach lining.   I don't think my straight line stitching is up to the standard of my curvy stitching though.  I find it so hard to keep the stitches even, the lines straight, and to keep the travelling stitches true to the first row.   But let's not prevaricate any longer.  Here it is

 I didn't even notice that the first two rows of pine needles were in the same direction instead of opposite directions.  I tried that again on the last row, but managed to correct it.  It's not too bad from a distance, but close up you can see what I mean about the stitch length and the travelling

But, everyone keeps telling me to stop beating myself up about it!  So in an effort to be positive, I do like this pattern and on a patterned fabric, I could get away with it.  

By the way, this is the ******** red fabric that  ran everywhere during the construction of my table runner.   It is good for nothing more than practice!

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08 November 2011

Happy Christmas Partner

 Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap 2011

Yip, yip, yip.  So partner, I've finished it.  My Table Runner for the Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap. And I have to say I'm very pleased with how it's turned out.  It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than I thought it would be once or twice in the last few weeks!

I've tried paper piecing the border (twice, if you don't know why read this).

I've tried applique and fancy machine embroidery

I also tried FMQ'ing around those baubles, hand quilting around them (which was rubbish!), adding ric-rac, diagonal quilting, frosty quilting, and even meandering FMQ, in white and green, all on my test piece

And the final outcome

One table runner complete with baubles and wonky stars

and snow-flake quilting

and the back

And a roll up

 And finally

With a little Chrissie Dekkie to go with it.

Partner, I've had great fun making it, learning new techniques, seeing all the photos along the way, guessing whose is whose, and joining in with the discussions   So partner, I hope you like it.  You'll have to forgive the few mistakes I've made that I was unable to repair or "Cover up"!   I've tried to take into account your mosaic, and all the comments you've made along the way. - you've not been a problem to make for as you seem to like most things.  I look forward to seeing some photos of your table during the festivities!

Happy Christmas, Partner!

05 November 2011

Tripe and Onions

No, I've not gone mad.  The task last week on Free Motion Friday was something called Stomach Lining.   This immediately took me back to my childhood when my gran used to have tripe and onions for her dinner.  I can still smell it and it still makes me want to vomit!

So how did it go?  Well OK I suppose, taking into consideration past history.

The stitches are far from even, but the pattern is OK.  The back looks alright, apart from where the bobbin ran out, I restarted, and true to form, they machine had a Bennie.

So this one's for you gran!

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04 November 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I wouldn't normally make fabric as the subject of Fabourite things Friday.   After all, we could all do that every week  but I am so excited about what I received in the post today, I just couldn't resist 

As you know I'm relatively new to quilting, and to buying fabric on line.   Although I've bought bits here and there (Bits?  I hear my husband crying)  I've yet to make a serious purchase.  You know, a grown up purchase, a full FQ set of one design.  Until now.  Today, after 3 1/2 weeks waiting, this little baby arrived all the way from America

A full set of Hope Valley.  Oh my word, it is wonderful.    I've had a few FQ's before but put them all together, side by side, and it is beyond belief!   I can't make my mind up which ones I like best

The blues?

The greens?

The pinks?
And what am I going to do with this?  Well, my friend who was over here in September, asked me if I would make a quilt for her.    In trying to find a pattern she liked, she saw the Supernova Quilt

She's not a girl to mess about making decisions (unlike me) so there and then she decided this is the quilt she wants, in this fabric.   So I have the full authority to spend someone else's money to buy a full set of Hope Valley to make a quilt I wanted to make anyway - I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!!   And she wants it as a summer quilt, so I have all winter to make it.   And you never know, there may be a bit left over for me! 

The only drawback is, in buying it from America, it was pulled out by customs, and I had to pay around £20 duty and clearance charges.   That's a bit of a bummer, but it made it around the same price as buying it on-line in the UK, if you could get hold of it, which you can't. 

Also in the same parcel was 2 metres of this beautiful fabric

It's from Valori Wells' Wrenly collection.   I've never owned any voile before, and this certainly won't be the last time.   If I never make anything from it, I can just sit with it next to me, stroking it!.     I've bought it to make a beachy type tunic top for my hols.  I think I'm running out of time now though.  We'll see

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