25 May 2012

Ready to go

Well, not quite ready to go to London, but at least I've finished my swap samples.   When I signed up I thought this would be easy, but then I saw what other people were doing and all my ideas seemed very ordinary.

I made a jewellry bag along similar lines to the one I have had for the last 10 years or so.  It's so useful and has been everywhere with me.  But I wasn't keen on the one I made - turned out a bit frilly!

So then I made a card holder using this tutorial from verykerryberry.

I was happier with this, but I wanted to make something from my own design.  My thought drifted a little sideways, which they often do, and thought it would be good if I could make something to hold all those moo cards that are going to be flying around at the Retreat.   I like to talk my ideas over with someone, which usually ends up being my husband.  But you know how interested husbands are in sewing.  But he does enjoy working on little projects like this with me, and he always has something useful tucked away in the corner of his workshop (Always referred to as something in stock!).   So after a few scribbles and modifications, between us we came up with this

Which, with a flick of the wrist turns into this

A neat little holder for 9 (9?  Why not 10?  I have no idea) mini moo cards, although you could get 2 or even 3 in each pocket. The little soemthing he had in his stores was the plastic material for the card holder. I didn't like the button on the front and the little half moon cut outs are a bit scrappy, so this one is mine.  The real ones look like this

Tah dah!

You could use them to hold your own cards to hand out, if you have them, or the ones you will inevitably collect on the day!  I just can't make my mind up wether to cut out the half moons or not.  It does make it easier to pop the cards in and out, but I don't want to make a mess of it!  So swap partners, whoever you are, I hope you like them!

On Wednesday, I had more or less the whole day to myself, and made this bag to take with me too.

The wishy washy pale green is actually a very acidy lime green, but I just couldn't catch the colours no matter where I took the photo.   It's the summer Madras tote by Noodlehead, with fabric I bought in IKEA when I popped in last week.  They have some wonderful fabrics there now and a metre of this was just 6.50 Euro.   Bargain!

So I'm off now to get everything together for worshops, swaps etc.   We have visitors then until Tuesday, so I'm not going to get much else done.

Take care!



  1. Oh pick me, pick me! I love those and they are totally unique. What a great swap item.

  2. These are perfect, Di, as is your bag

  3. I NEEEEEED one of those - brilliant idea!

  4. I totally want to be in your group, what a great idea! And your guy is great, he has interesting things "in stock".