15 April 2013

Stitch Tease - Tah dah!


Just over twelve months ago I was invited to join my first ever bee by my namesake  Di (one "n"). I was so pleased to be asked, although a little daunted by the talented ladies I was to be joining!  We had to pick a theme for our quilt - mine was pinwheels, any shape or size, placed randomly within the block.  We also had to pick a signature fabric that would appear in all the quilts.  You might remember mine from long, long ago.  The scallop on the large pinwheel was my signature fabric.


Then I put it in an envelope, stamped it, and sent it of to Hadley. And that's the last I saw of it, till now. Over the next twelve months each of the other ladies made a block (just for little old me!) and send them to Hadley, who had the job of making her block, then joining them all together.  Obviously this was going on with all the other 7, and we never saw one glimpse of what people were making for us.  It's been a real tease!

The 8 of us have been pretty excited this last month, knowing that after 12 months, we were finally getting to see what everyone else made, in a finished quilt top.  So without further ado, but with a long pause like they do on Strictly, here's my quilt

 Although the quilt is destined for our bed, it's not going to be this one as we have a new one on it's way.  That will be a lot bigger than this, so I am going to have to add a border so that there is enough to keep us warm at night!

Look at that bit of blue sky

I think it's happy in it's new home

It is exactly what I wanted, and even better than I imagined it would be!  There are so many different pin-wheels and you've got the colours just right for me.  Thank you so much all you clever ladies (in no particular order!)


It's amazing that just 8 people could come up with such different ideas.  We are all revealing our own quilts today, so I recommend you do a quick blog hop and check them all out. If you can come back tomorrow, I will be showing you all the blocks that I made for the other bee-ers. 


  1. Ahh pinwheels :) totally stunning quilt!! Lucky you


  2. It's marvellous - I love the variety of pinwheels and colours against the white background!

  3. It's beautiful Di even if I say so myself - I have really enjoyed getting to know you this last year or so and so happy to have played a small part in this quilt. Here's to Round 2!

  4. It turned out beautiful! I love all those pinwheels together. I'm so bummed that I won't be able to join you all in round 2 but I hope you have a great time with all the new people you will meet!

  5. It's gorgeous and your photos are great - about a million percent better than I managed!!

  6. I love how you can barely tell where one block stops and another stops, they blend so well. Fantastic quilt top and what a great theme you went with.

  7. Soooooo pretty! It does indeed look very happy in its new home!

  8. Your pinwheel quilt looks great. I agree with Val that it does look happy in its new home. I so look forward in joining this talented group for round 2.....but a bit nervous!

  9. What a wonderful quilt, the pinwheels are all so lovely and work so nicely together.

  10. It looks right at home there, i am so pleased to have been part of making it all happen xxx

  11. I am hopping as we speak, this has been an ingenious Bee, you have a beauty there Di.

  12. Really beautiful Di! Enjoy your collaboration! Jxo

  13. It's lovely. So great to see it after such a long wait.

  14. It's stunning! I'm a t partial to pinwheels myself. You girls are lucky to have made such good friends with each other, the bonus of the bee!