31 December 2014

Final finish of 2014

As my sailor's quilt heads off to it's new home, it's time to reveal the final finish of 2014.

I have made this quilt for my nephew's new baby due to arrive in February.  I don't know whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, and when I chose the fabric it seemed quite neutral, but now I think it looks very girly!   Especially with the butterfly fabric on the back!  Lets keep our fingers crossed!

I quilted it in a grid pattern as I have before, using a 40 weight Aurifil thread.

And of course , Ted had to have his usual photo, but it's pretty nippy out there, so he had his hood up!

Quilt details
Pattern:  Little Man from Camilla Roskelley's book Simplify
Main fabric:  September Blue from Susan Driscoll
Backing: Summer Garden by Makeower
Binding: Summer Garden
Quilted using Aurifil 40wt 2125

This is my final finish for 2014 and also my final claim for the Q4 FAL.

I hope you all have (or had) a wonderful New Years Eve, and all the best for 2015.  We're having a rare night out at a restaurant in Brno, a 7 course meal and wine tasting, with an overnight stay in a hotel.

28 December 2014

Best foot forward

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a lovely few days with friends, and just as they left, the snow arrived.  I don't think it will be much, but as Gordon's knee is still not too strong, guess who will be clearing the drive!  As we are getting close to the end of the year, I've realised I have to catch up with a my finishes for the Q4 FAL. These have been finished for ages, but what with one thing and another, I never got around to blogging about them.

I am quite new to sock knitting, and have only ever knit a sock from the top down, on double ended pins, but I was recommended by Di to have a try at knitting from the toe up, which I think is her preferred method. I chose to make these socks,

and I also chose to try knitting on two circular needles for a change.

So far so good!

Turned the corner OK

I even blocked them this time!

 And the verdict on the new technique?  Well,  I like using the two circular needles.  Although it's a little slower, I find I can keep the tension more even, so I think I'll use them again.  But I don't think the toe up technique is for me, mainly because I don't cast off very evenly and the tops are a bit of a mess, one being much tighter than the other.  I also have to find a technique for avoiding a big hole where you pick the stitches up again after turning the heel.  All in all though, I love these socks.  They are easy to knit, the pattern is dead easy once you've knit the first full pattern, and they are lovely to wear.

Pattern:  Diamond Gansy Socks from "Socks from the toe up" by Wendy Johnson
Needles:  Circular needs 2.5mm
Started: September 2014
Finished December 2014
Another finish for  the Q4 FAL

Finish Along 2014

19 December 2014

End of an era

Today has been quite an emotional day for the  family Quiltova. Today, as we left work, we locked the door on  our factory for the final time as owners.   The opportunity to sell up came along earlier this year, and, well, there wasn't much debate to be honest.

It's been pretty stressful getting to this point over last couple of weeks, but finally we signed everything off on Tuesday at the solicitors

Here's some facts and figures of the last 7 years

Started in 2008 with 10 employees
Numbers of employees today 20

We went from the worst factory ever

to a really smart one

Number of Christmas parties - 6 (the last one being on Saturday)
Bowling parties - 6
Paintballing - 1
Other assorted silliness 

So from January 1st, we will be retired.  Well, sort of anyway.  We will still work in the company as needed during the hand-over period, and Gordon still has his consultancy work..  And as friends and family have said, it's unlikely that we will resist some future opportunity .......

But in the meantime, you'll find me in my sewing room!

08 December 2014

Little Quilts swap

       Finish Along 2014
In the last few days, I've knocked quite a few of my Q4 Finish-along projects on the head.  The first is the mini quilt I made for the Little Quilts Swap.   I am a great fan of Sarah Fielke, so when I saw a swap was being organised around her book, Little Quilts, (written with Amy Lobisger) I had to join in.
Little Quilts - Paperback - 9781782491378 - Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger
This is an Instagram based swap, and as the vast majority of the swappees are Australian, I have got to stalk a new bunch of quilters and bloggers.

My secret swap partner posted her 4 favourite quilts. All of the quilts were challenging in some way but I chose to may the Fans of May designed by Amy Lobsiger

Sometimes, I find it hard to get away from the colours in the book, but my partner wanted "clean" colours, so I went with turquoise, green and coral/red colour scheme

I ditched the darker green sashing so that the fans "floated

I still don't have a machine capable of FMQ'ing, so I opted to to hand quilt most of it.

And here's a not very good photo of the finished item

And a little key ring copied from a gift I had from a swap partner in a previous  swap

So my parcel has traveled all the way to Oz, and my partner seems to be pretty happy with it.  I haven't received my quilt yet, but it is probably coming from Australia, and the law states that my swap package with be one of the last, if not the last!

In all honesty, I'm not terribly good at posting at the moment, but I have a quilt and a pair of socks to show you, so stick with me, they'll be about soon!