30 May 2015

To blog or not to blog

That is the question, and one that has been on my mind for quite a long time now.  When I started blogging about quilting and my life here in the Czech Republic just over 4 years ago, I'm not sure what I was expecting from it.  The need to be part of something? A way of "meeting" people with a similar interest? Lots of followers? A place share my sewing and life in general with others?  I was never sure either, whether I was writing for me or for my followers.

Certainly I've got to know some lovely people, all over the world, who "get it" when many friends and family don't.  I've learnt loads from all the generous people who share their tutorials, experiences and tips.  Blogging was just what I needed when I was feeling a little isolated over here, and maybe not fitting in anywhere, either here or in England.  It is also a brilliant was of documenting all the quilts that you make, and I get a lot of pleasure from looking back over previous makes. I've also improved my photography skills (in my humble opinion!)

But for a year or so now, I haven't been able to drum up the enthusiasm for blogging - it takes quite a while to decide on a topic, sort and edit photos, then write it all up, then having spent all that time, the number of readers and commenters gets less and less.  I can't really complain about that, because I'm as bad - I read fewer blogs, and comment on even less.  Maybe blogging has passed it's prime, and we are all moving on to Instagram?

So rather than drag on for ages writing a post here and there (which has always annoyed me when others do it!), I've decided to give it up altogether.  I'm going to have to find another way of documenting my quilts - maybe a photo album or scrap album that is a physical thing I can pass down through the family.

I will be carrying on with Instagram, in fact I'll probably using it more, so please, if you don't follow me already on instagram,( @quiltova), come and join me there.  And for those of you that don't use Instagram (I'm thinking particularly of Helen and Rosemary here) now's a good time to start!!!

So thank you all of my loyal followers over the years - I know we will keep in touch, maybe meet up in swaps and bees, or quilt retreats.

Take care everyone!


  1. Oh Di - your post made me quite sad . I've always enjoyed seeing your posts. You pushed me to make the decision to go to Vietnam with your own trip and I've loved following your quilting journey. But I do follow you on instagram and we can catch up over there . xxx

  2. Oh, this makes me sigh. It is so hard for those of us in far away timezones to ever catch much of friends on instagram. I know I follow you there, but shall double check. Maybe you might pop in here sporadically with a post, so I will keep your blog in my reader just in case.

  3. So sorry you will be ending your blog. For those of us dinosaurs who don't have smart phones, we can't follow you on instagram. I shall miss you.

  4. hate to see you go we will miss you

  5. awffy sorry to see you stop but i totally get why. see you on IG xxx

  6. Hi Dianne! I'm sorry to hear you stop but you have to do as you feel. I have enjoyed your posts and seeing your beautiful quilts. We are still hoping you change your mind and pop here now and then. Until then, see you in IG. Hugs! x Teje

  7. Di, you spoke my heart. I guess most of us feel that blogging is ah huge committment and yes- I thought about stopping entirely too. I tend to cut some "must-do"s from my life and add more "want-to"s. See you on IG then!

  8. Oh what a shame, but totally understandable! IG seems to have taken over which in many ways is sad but it is much easier.

  9. But Diiiiiii IG isn't at all comparable to blogging. How will we know the stories behind your latest quilt finish's journey in one place without going back through loads of photos? How will you be able to link to an image or a blog post that inspired you when Instagram doesn't support links. It's a quick chat instead of a full conversation. You'll be back after a break, I know you'll be back. You're staying in my reader, so there.

  10. I've been having the same feelings for about a year as well. Maybe that's the lifespan of most bloggers. I'm glad we are real friends and an keep in touch. Instagram will have to suffice. We also need to FaceTime soon. Love you and Mr. Quiltova

  11. I understand completely where you're coming from. Especially the bit about just staring blogging and not really having expectations other than it being a way to connect with like minded people and how you've lost enthusiasm for it. I've felt the same way for quite a while too and even changed the format of my blog so I'd make myself blog on a more regular basis. I will miss your posts but will continue to follow you on IG

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  14. Dear Dianne, what a pity! I have always loved visiting your blog, letting myself being inspired by your work and listening to your tips and ideas. When we visited Slowenia last year I thought of you, comparing life there with ours here in Germany, wondering if it might be alike where you live now. Yes I know that many blogs are dieing at present which is a pity for me because I like reading and not only looking at short remarks and photos. But progress cannot be stopped and if this is what the trend is like at present then it shall be. I will go and visit you on instagram to see what you are up to. And I would like to thank you for many interesting and thoughtful posts that I have enjoyed immensly and from which I have gained much inspiration. Thanks again and I wish you an interesting future and lots of success and joy in sewing! :-)

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